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[WATCH>>] Israel VS Ireland live online 09.11.2023

Ireland’s criticism of Israel has made it an outlier in the EU. What lies behind it? | Una MullalyIn recent weeks, leaders from the European Union, the UK and the US have stood shoulder to shoulder with Benjamin Netanyahu, expressing support for Israel’s “right to defend itself”, a slogan that has wreaked horror on Gaza following Hamas’s horrific attack on Israeli civilians and security forces. When this statement drew the ire of the Israeli ambassador to Ireland, there were calls from the public to expel the ambassador. Recent events have also revealed emerging tensions between Ireland and the EU. Ursula von der Leyen’s strident expressions of support for Israel have jarred with Ireland – which still remains a militarily neutral country. Varadkar said some of her comments “lacked balance”, and that he told her as much. Ireland's criticism of Israel has made it an outlier in the EU. 6 days ago — Irish support for Palestinian rights stems partly from its own experience of colonialism and violence – but that's not all. As videos of Irish politicians advocating for Palestinians and criticising the Israeli government continue to go viral on social media, the question asked by those new to Ireland’s position is simple: why? The brief answer is Ireland’s experience of colonialism, sectarian violence and peace. Yet that short answer hides complexities. Ireland’s solidarity with Palestinian people is not a “like for like” reflex (although it is sometimes expressed simply as such, particularly in Northern Ireland), nor merely a kind of political sentimentalism. It is articulated through government policy, protest and activism, and a historically informed sense of empathy for those whose lives are curtailed by occupation and violence. Successive Irish governments’ support for the peace process is also a reflection of the understanding that peace can be forged even in acute contexts of sectarian violence. Israel-Hamas war – live: IDF troops in 'heart' of Gaza City 14 hours ago — She said she did not hear protesters condemn Hamas or call for the release of hostages. Asked if the perception of Ireland being pro-Palestinian ... When the EU eventually called for “pauses” in the conflict, he said he was “satisfied with the language. It was always going to be difficult to come to a compromise that 27 countries with different perspectives could sign up to. ”Finally there is the question of how this plays with Sinn Féin, which is explicitly pro-Palestine and is widely predicted to become the largest party in government after the next general election. The party has previously expressed its support for the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement. Ireland has been an outlier. While the taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, has said that Israel has a right to defend itself, he added the following qualification: “but Israel doesn’t have the right to do wrong. ” Early on in the bombardment of Gaza, he also said: “To me, it amounts to collective punishment. ” At an EU level, the country has been pushing – along with Spain – for a humanitarian “ceasefire” to bring an end to the violence, rather than the option of a “pause”. While no one in their right mind could justify Hamas’ murder of civilians on 7 October – and I have not heard a hint of this sentiment in Ireland – Ireland has a long history of supporting what is viewed as the cause of Palestinian freedom and peace in the region. CIO - Feb 15, 1998 - Page 72 - Google Books Result Vol. 11, No. 9 · ‎Magazine... Ireland: ComputerScope, PC Live!; Israel: Macworld Israel, People & Computers Online Inc 64 .. ., , . Sun Microsystems Inc 64 American Airlines Inc 40 ...


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