For the past years, MAES at Texas A&M University has provided opportunities for underrepresented students in the STEM field. From networking activities with professionals from diverse companies in general meetings to organizing workshops where they can learn and improve their professional skills.


Who We Are


Develop students to be leaders of tomorrow's workforce through mentoring, outreach, financial support, and professional development. To promote, cultivate, and honor excellence in education and leadership among Latino engineers and scientists.


Work to bring Hispanic students into the university and out into the corporateor government world with the skills necessary for success. MAES is the foremost Latino organization for the development of STEM leaders in the academic, executive, and technical communities.


TAMU MAES has members from different backgrounds that can be of great asset to any industry. In the 2017-2018 academic year MAES had a total of 24 members, with the breakdown of each major, classification and gender shown below. What sets MAES apart is the diverse background in both major and classification. Additionally, MAES is proud to have a 50% male 50% female ratio for industries that are typically male dominated. This allows our organization to learn from one another and foster an inclusive environment.


Guest Speakers

General Meetings

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